Rome Creative Contest 2018


The Screenplay Contest is a competition in which emerging writers pitch ideas for a 5-minute short film on a topical theme.

The challenge to participants: write an original script in just 8 hours. Winning entries are then given the opportunity to work with the production company Image Hunters, in collaboration with Yourban2030, Rai Cinema, Laser Film, Redigital, Luxor, and Officinema.

Photo by RCC2018

The first editions

The Screenplay Contest has grown tremendously, thanks to great collaborations with partners such as Rai Cinema and Laser Film. Consequently, more and more young screenwriters are able to express themselves through ambitiously creative short films.

In 2018, the competition expanded its profile with additional partners: Yourban2030, Officinema, Redigital, Luxor, and Wonderlab.

Screenplay Contest 2018


More than ever before, we are facing some very important challenges. Climate change, environmental degradation, pollution, overbuilding, and importantly, the risk of extinction of endangered animals; these are just some of the most critical subjects that artists from across the world have explored through their work, reflecting the state of our generation while inspiring audiences to consider a more sustainable future.

Photo by RCC2018
Photo by RCC2018


The Story of 2018

Sustainable development and protecting the environment. The connection between urban society, culture, and community.

By working in collaboration with partners and writers, our aim is to explore these subjects through thought-provoking and innovative short films.

Screenplay contest 2018

The winner

After the difficult task of considering every competition entry, the winning screenplay was chosen: PLATANI by Davide Santocchi.

The 2019 award was offered by Image Hunters in collaboration with Yourban2030, Rai Cinema, Laserfilm, Officinema Roma, Redigital, Luxor, and Wonderlab Visual Effects.

We got to follow every stage of the process of converting screenplay to film, and we are thrilled to see the blending of cinema, art, and environmentalism.