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A small reminder and dedication to keep dancing in bureaucracy

Dedicated to the development of equal opportunities, this mural depicts a Surinamese ballerina dancing in a whirlwind of official documents, and aims to raise awareness on the lack of opportunities and understanding between the center and the Amsterdam-Bijlmer suburb where there is a wide range of habitants of colour.

The Netherlands has come a long way, but there is still a lot of work to do. This piece is a small reminder and dedication to keep dancing in bureaucracy. With awareness comes change, and by constantly addressing the issue we will collectively walk towards a brighter, more equal future.

bureaucracy JDL


This is only one of many issues

Recently, news reported that the dutch tax services uses ethnic profiling for marking 'risk profiles'. For that reason, someone with a migration background has a higher risk of getting into financial problems. In the national ballet, there are only 2 professional ballet dancers of colour, and it's all due to the lack of financial breaks for families to put their children into expensive dance classes. 'Without these classes, the chances of becoming a professional ballet dancer are very low.', said the ballerina. This is only one of many issues that we have in the unequal opportunities in the Netherlands.



The mural was painted with a specialized eco-paint able to lower the pollutants in the surrounding air, thanks to a process, similar to plants' chlorophyll photosynthesis, which generates an oxidizing reaction by which air impurities are captured and then destroyed. 

Airlite, a revolutionary technology present in simple surface paint, offers an innovative and accessible solution to the problem of air quality. It is activated by the simple energy of light, which then interacts with the pollutant molecules, purifying the air in a completely natural manner. 

Tests reveal that Airlite is able to reduce atmospheric pollution up to 88.8%, eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, keep dirt particles at bay, and neutralize odors. For example: 100 sq mt of surface area painted with Airlite are able to purify the surrounding air to the same degree as 100 sq mt of forest. 

Sustainability is not only a message, but seen in concrete application--such as materials one chooses.



Judith De Leeuw
(Aka JDL)

Judith De Leeuw, aka JDL, is an award-winning street artist who started at the age of 15 as a street rebel. She was born and raised in Amsterdam and graduated in Art and Design in 2015, followed by a year's program at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2016. Her style evolved exponentially from that moment and before long she had already made quite a name for herself in the art world. JDL currently travels around the world as a renowned international artist, making murals on a large scale.

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Bureaucracy JDL Y2030 Photo by Y2030 ©
Bureaucracy JDL Y2030
Bureaucracy JDL Y2030 Photo by Y2030 ©
Bureaucracy JDL Y2030 Photo by Vierkant ©
Bureaucracy JDL Y2030 Photo by Y2030 ©
Bureaucracy JDL Y2030 Photo by Y2030 ©

Partners and supporters


This project is realised with the contributions of: Yourban2030, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Airlite, Won Yip and Humberto Tan.

Project fighters: Urban Art Now (management), Nathalie Nijkamp (plan development), Jason Erhardt (assistance), Nathalie Driessen, Sara Luijters (PR), Leander Varekamp (photography), Martijn Martens (videography), Jelisa van Schijndel (Dancer, model), Getting up.

With big thanks to: Juul Manders, Touria Meliani and Aileen Middel (a big heart and great support), Sam rees, Mike Warrink (plan development).

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